About Affluence

Affluence was founded to connect like minded, accomplished individuals.

Founded in 2008, Affluence has become the premiere social network for accomplished individuals. Throughout the years we have gone to great measures to ensure the highest quality membership. We think of Affluence as a digital country club. When you walk into a country club, you know that everyone there is accomplished in some way or another. All the conversations you have at your country club are beneficial because of this fact. We strive to do the same on Affluence.

We use our Affluence Wealth Indication Process to ensure our all of our members deserve to be part of this exclusive club. Affluence members must have a minimum of $200,000 in annual income or $1,000,000 in net worth. However, there is some wiggle room to this rule. If you are invited by other members of Affluence or are accomplished in other regards, we will consider your application. Our goal is simply to connect all of the worlds accomplished individuals.


Affluence Corporation
875 N Michigan Ave, Suite 3100
Chicago IL 60611
Office: 312-999-0202
  • Doug Stukel

    Executive Chairman

    The co-founder of Affluence, Doug is an accomplished venture capitalist and executive who leads partner development and strategy.

  • Michael J. Profita

    Chief Executive Officer

    With an MM in Finance from University of Chicago and MBA in International Finance from Loyola University of Chicago, Mike handles the day to day operations for Affluence.

  • Blake Macleod

    Chief Information Officer

    A self-proclaimed start-up junkie, Blake translates all the business needs of Affluence into the technology you see on the web.